Bethesda warns of Fallout 76 bugs

by John Sheridan

23rd October 2018

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Bethesda warns of Fallout 76 bugs

Bethesda has warned gamers that ‘Fallout 76’ could have some "spectacular bugs".

The studio – which has already explained the online title will have a "glorious array of issues" – has published a letter to fans and opened up about potential problems.

Discussing the beta launch, it said: "Usually after years of development, we finally finish, release a game, and take a break. With 76, we feel we have not finished, but reached a started line where all new work begins.

"We all know with the scale of our games, and the systems we let you use, that unforeseen bugs and issues always come up.

"Given what we’re doing with 76, we know we’re opening everyone up to all new spectacular issues none of us have encountered."

The company urged its fans to report any bugs they may have missed, and promised to "address all of it".

The statement continues: "Some we’re aware of, such as areas where performance needs to improve with lots of players.

"Others, we surely don’t. We need your help finding them, and advice on what’s important to fix. We’ll address all of it, now and after launch."

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